What we do

At the Healthy Homestead, we garden in a permaculture style, cook & preserve healthy organic and gluten free meals, take care of our pets and farm animals, and try to take time for creativity and artistic expression.

Living with Intention

To cultivate the best possible lives, we believe it’s important to bring a sense of intention to our decisions and actions – whether these are choosing what to put on our plates, how to grow our garden, or what we do in our free time. We are guided by the goals of health, lowering our environmental impact, kindness, minimalism, and joy.

Who We Are

My name is Kristina and I live on a small farm with my husband, Chad. Our animal family includes our three donkeys, two sheep, two dogs and several very pampered cats. Learn more about me or read my health manifesto.


The Catch

Here’s the thing, though. I navigate life with the baggage of being sensitive to chemicals, mold, and electromagnetic pollution. While in many ways we are living the good life, dealing with these limitations makes things a lot trickier. Food sensitivities are part of the baggage, making my love of cooking a culinary mine field. There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

Where We Live

Our small, six acre homestead is in Northeast Utah, in the high desert. We get less than 7 inches of rain per year, and have to accommodate our gardening to this low availability of water and our short growing season.

From Us to You

In sharing a view into our lives, we hope it inspires you in your quest to live the good life too – through cultivating a healthy relationship with your food, the land, nature, and each other.

Recent Posts

Overwintered Carrots

This week, Chad and I received a gift from ourselves from the past – almost 20 lbs of carrots! We had a large carrot crop last summer and decided to keep many of them in the ground for winter – a way to take advantage of the outdoors as an additional source of refrigeration. I…

How to Get By Without Toilet Paper

I thought I would try to cover a few subjects of current interest to myself, and perhaps you, during this global health crisis we’re living through. Don’t moments like this put things into perspective? I mean, I’m talking about priorities! Priorities like… Toilet paper. Yep, you’re not the only one, here on the healthy, happy,…

No Clue about Paleo? Here’s the Answer.

Fellow food-intolerant friends, As mentioned here recently, I have spent some weeks (months?) of frustration on the food intolerance front, despite some fairly valiant efforts to avoid suspect items. During this period I started feeling like my food-gut issues were a puzzle, and that there were too many missing pieces for me to (ever) have…

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