The Healthy Homestead Blog

Healthy Homes


The home is one of those places we tend to neglect when we think about our health, and may be an afterthought when our main focus is taking care of crops and animals. But it is where we rejuvenate and stock up on rest to conquer the next day. Keeping a healthy home means less risk for cancer and other debilitating illnesses, improved sleep, less household accidents, and overall feeling better. Read more about Healthy Homes.


img_5516-copy.jpgGardening is required on the homestead, isn’t it? Use permaculture principles to make things more efficient and sustainable and incorporate native plants to make your green space a haven for beneficial insects and other wildlife. Read more about gardening and permaculture.

Cooking & Recipes


Growing your own food isn’t much good if you don’t know how to cook it! Here’s my personal treasure chest of recipes and food musings on food that is: gluten-free, corn-free, fermented, homegrown, foraged, preserved, and sometimes consisting entirely of weeds! Read more.

Natural Healing


Health care is something you can’t afford not to take into your own hands. When a visit to the doctor lets you down and leaves you without answers, maybe it’s time to seek out natural healing wisdom. Read more about Natural Healing.

Healthy homesteading


Homesteaders tend to be a resilient, resourceful bunch. My goal is to help you achieve your homesteading dreams while maintaining health in the balance – avoiding exposure to common harmful substances that could dash those noble dreams.  Read more about Healthy Homesteading.