Cold frame conundrum

I have four cold frames that I made using plastic storage bins and two more that use glass with the thermal mass of bricks and stone. These are experimental and so far I'm seeing some clear differences in the results. The seeds started in the thermal mass cold frames are thriving and growing much more quickly than [...]

New life in macro

If you're a gardener but have never planted from seed before, you really must try it. Every year when I plant seeds there's always some doubt: they might not come up. And yes, sometimes for various reasons some seeds don't come up. But most of them do. Suddenly, on their own schedule, they come up, sprouting [...]

New cold frame

Me and my sweetie went a little crazy ordering seeds a couple of weeks ago. When we combined households last year our seed collections expanded dramatically! I added a lot of perennials, herbs and flowers to the mix, he brought a ton of tomatoes, peppers and squash. But somehow, it seemed we still needed more seeds. And [...]

Starting seeds

Over the past week or so I've been starting seeds in some DIY cold frames which consist of plastic storage bins with a few holes drilled into the bottom. I would prefer to make a glass cold frame at some point, but this will do in a pinch! It's very exciting to see the first [...]