Environmental home assessments and guidance

I am a Building Biology Environmental Consultant with several years of experience in the field. I can test your home, workplace or garden for EMF’s, assess your air quality and inspect for other potential toxins and hazards. I can also provide you with a visual guide to creating impactful changes for your specific home or homestead.

Permaculture designs and organic gardening guidance

After discussing your goals for your property, homestead, or small farm, I can help you identify areas for added resilience and efficiency, troubleshoot existing issues, and create a permaculture design for you to use as a guide. Health and sustainability are top priorities, along with finding the best solutions for your particular situation.

Cooking classes: Gluten Free, Fermentation and Beginning Cooks

It is extremely difficult to be healthy without knowing some basics of cooking. When you can cook, you control your food. If you are like dozens of people I have met who want to cook but are not confident in the kitchen, I can help you gain that confidence. I specialize in small group classes. I also teach the basics of gluten free eating. And I LOVE to teach fermentation classes.

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