I am a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and a certified Permaculture Designer. I can analyze your home or homestead site for exposure to toxins & stressors, create a plan for a healthy & resilient homestead, and assist you in choosing your next location.

I am equipped to test for EMF’s (electric fields, magnetic fields, radiofrequency fields), air quality (mold, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, particulates, VOC’s, dust mites), and water testing.

While using equipment is part of my skill set, my most important tool is observation. Often times we are so used to our spaces that we don’t see opportunities for change. My goal is to bring my knowledge to help you find the opportunities that will work best for you.

I do onsite consultations and remote consultations through phone or video chat.


  • On-site Evaluations – $95 / hour 
  • Remote consultations – $95 / hour
  • Sampling & lab tests (mold, etc) – TBD
  • Design & Plan – $395 and up*
  • Travel Fee – $1 / mile for locations over 55 miles  – day trips only 

*fee depends on size and scope, does not include on-site evaluations


Specific issues I can help with

Do you find yourself asking any of these questions? I can provide solutions tailored to your needs and budget.


  • Am I being harmed by a cell phone tower, smart meter or other radiofrequency source?
  • Am I being harmed by power lines, pylons, or a substation?
  • I am Electromagnetically Hypersensitive. How do I survive in my home?
  • Are there unhealthy Electric Fields? If so, how can I reduce them?
  • Are there unhealthy Magnetic Fields? If so, how can I reduce them?
  • Is there dirty electrictiy? If so, how can I mitigate?
  • Is my cell phone making me sick?
  • Is my Wi-Fi making me sick?
  • Are my lights making me feel bad?

Mold & Air Quality

  • I am Chemically Sensitive. How do I survive in my home?
  • Do I have mold in my home?
  • How do I prevent mold in my home?
  • What is the best way to remove mold from my home?
  • Is the air quality good in my location?
  • How do I prevent allergies in my home?
  • I’m allergic to my work environment! How do I cope?

Homestead planning

  • I have lots of ideas for my homestead but dont know where to start! How do I organize my ideas?
  • How do I plan for drought?
  • How do I garden in a dryland environment?
  • What’s the best composting system for my site?
  • I want to grow fruit trees and berries! How do I best incorporate them into my property?
  • How do I prevent fire on my property?
  • How can I incorporate livestock onto my property?
  • I want to block an unsightly view. What is the best thing to plant?
  • I want to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling. What is the best thing to plant?


  • What are the best plants to use for my location for food, herbs, medicine?
  • How do I safely remove invasive plants on my site?
  • How do I attract birds and beneficial insects to my site?
  • How can I incorporate low-maintenance plants?
  • What are the best native plants for my site?
  • Where is the best place to site my annual vegetable garden?
  • How do I transition from grass to xeriscaping?
  • I don’t have a yard. Can I still garden somehow?
  • How do I keep my crops safe from pests without the use of harmful pesticides?


  • What decorating or paint colors should I use?
  • Are the colors I used appropriate for the use of my space?
  • I hate a room in my house! Can you help me decide why?
  • I don’t sleep well. Is my environment causing my insomnia?


  • I can’t seem to get anything done! Are there changes I can make to my home so that I can spend more time working towards my goals?
  • How can I change my home so that I can keep it uncluttered?
  • I want to practice yoga at home – how do I create a space for this?
  • My family doesn’t interact. How can I change things to encourage positive family time?
  • I feel like all I do in my spare time is watch movies or TV shows. How do I change my habits?

Nature Deficit Disorder

  • My kids spend too much time indoors. How can I get them outdoors more?
  • I feel so much better when I’m out for a hike. How can I feel closer to nature when I’m at home?

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Kind words

“The services she provides are pioneering, and needed in this modern world.” – Sara, Charlotte, NC


“I thought I knew some things about Feng Shui, but I found Kristina’s recommendations to be particularly helpful – my husband is sleeping better than he has in years!” – Alison, Wilmington, NC


“I must say, since I have done a few of the suggested things in relation to the electromagnetic fields in my house, my headaches have been way less frequent and severe.”  – John, Wilmington NC


“It was worth the investment because very quickly she was able to assess our home and identify a cause for some issues I was experiencing. She provided several different solutions at different time and financial investments that gave us a choice and options to resolve the issue. I highly recommend Kristina and the work she does to support clients in having homes that support optimal wellness!”  – Michele, Charlotte, NC


“It is a very comforting feeling to have my house professionally reviewed by an expert. I was having trouble sleeping and Kristina provided solutions. Kristina was punctual, thorough, personable and enlightening.”
– Sean, Wilmington NC


“Being very conscious about the environment in general, we’ve made strides to improve our living space. But our consultation with Kristina revealed that, while we have been doing some good things to make our home more healthy, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what truly makes a space healthy. Thanks to Kristina, my wife and I are breathing better and waking up more energized! ” – Anthony, Charlotte, NC


“Kristina performed a thorough evaluation and presented corrective options that are easy to implement. I wish we had been aware of these hazards years ago. It was a fabulous learning experience for the whole family— in fact I would encourage everyone living in the house to attend the evaluation. We’ve been empowered with knowledge which allows us to make better decisions in our home.” – Marianne, Lilburn, GA


“There are not enough words to tell you how thankful we are that you helped us above and beyond. I can say now I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel” – JoHanna, Charlotte, NC


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