For your home or workspace…

Evaluation for health

Is your space aligned with nature’s beneficial properties? I will evaluate the quality of the air, the electromagnetic conditions, ergonomics, hazards, mold exposure, daylighting, and use of color, using Building Biology (Baubiologie) and certain Feng Shui principles.

Design for health

Using the data gathered during the evaluation cycle, I will create a visual design and plan so that you will be able to create beneficial changes that bring you closer to nature. This will help you achieve your goals for feeling better in your body, better in your home, and better on the earth.

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For your garden, yard, homestead or farm…

Evaluation for growth

What are the opportunities to create or expand an edible, native plant landscape, garden, homestead or farm? I will evaluate potentials for incorporating both edible & native plants, reducing erosion, protecting and building soil, making your routine more streamlined, adding livestock, improving composting, using greywater, preventing fire, creating a more resilient system, and much more!

Design for growth

Using the data gathered during the evaluation cycle, I will create a resilient permaculture landscape design which you can use to guide yourself as you establish, re-work or expand a garden, yard, homestead or farm.

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Evaluation & Design Fees

Onsite Evaluations – $95 / hour

Travel Fee – $1 / mile for locations over 55 miles away

Healthy Home Design & Plan – $195 and up*

Permaculture Design – $295 and up*

Sampling & lab tests (mold, etc) – to be determined

*depending on size and scope