My healthy homestead

The Many Facets of Homesteading

This blog is about my quest to create a healthy homestead for my husband and myself. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire and help others to do the same.

I cover a lot of topics here because running a homestead is not about being a specialist, its about knowing enough about lots of different things! These are some of the topics I post about here:

Organic gardening and wild foraging

My husband, Chad, and I grow and forage as much food as we can. We take a permaculture approach, do things organically, and try to take care of the soil (and ourselves) by maintaining a low-till, rotational garden that we nourish with compost and sheep manure every year.

Gluten-free and organic recipes

I have to eat gluten-free and corn-free out of necessity. I want my baked goods to also be organic and gum-free, so I experiment until I have a recipe that meets my high standards. With all the gluten-free cookbooks out there, I have not found one yet that meets these standards, so maybe I’ll write my own one day.

Low-EMF environment

In order to keep our home peaceful, our bodies healthy, and our sleep uninterrupted, we maintain a low-EMF environment. That means no Wi-Fi, minimal smart phone use, and no other wireless devices.

Detoxed home

The point of keeping toxins out of our home is largely about cancer prevention. The industries selling and using flame retardants, VOC’s, and SVOC’s are not interested in protecting our health, so we have to be proactive about it. I am also chemically sensitive, and so certain products will simply make me have a meltdown if I have to live with them – so I don’t. We make sure our paint, cleaning products, furnishings, flooring, and other items in the home are as safe as possible.

Living with animals

Chad and I have 8 cats, 2 dogs, 3 donkeys, 2 sheep and one Honduran Milk Snake. The donkeys and sheep live outside. I make my own dog food and am working on doing the same for the cats.  Since both Chad and I have scientific mindsets, having all these pets allows us to do informal studies on feline and canine behavior. And we love them of course.

Keeping love in my relationship

No matter how healthy your home or productive your farm, if you don’t have a good relationship with your partner, you are not going to thrive. A bad relationship can just suck the life out of you. Chad and I are highly suited for each other which is a great place to start. We keep our relationship fresh by having a weekly date night, doing a weekly review, and enjoying each other’s sense of humor.

Natural healing

When I have a health issue that needs attended to, I try to use natural healing techniques when possible. I have had countless disappointing experiences with conventional medicine, and numerous successes with natural healing – including using food and herbs to heal myself. Chad and I enjoy learning about local, native, medicinal plants.

Making space for nature

Nature is the guiding force in all of these topics in one way or another. Part of my own healing process relies heavily on taking time to be in nature, and leaving space for nature to co-exist with me. I see the human race’s growing distance from nature as the underlying cause of all of our woes. On the other hand, when we learn from nature, respect it, and live in harmony with nature, our lives are both happier and healthier.

And there’s one more thing you should know…

Keeping it real

My blog is a bit different. I don’t use ads or affiliate links to raise money. There is (obviously!) no corporate hand pulling the strings here – I write every post myself. I want my writing to be as objective as possible and don’t want my topics to be influenced by considerations of the ways in which I might be able to earn a buck.

In trying to keep things authentic here, I will not be creating aspirational-type content where everything looks and sounds perfect. I think we all are exposed to enough of that everyday on the interwebs.

Instead, I want to give you a glimpse of the reality of my homesteading adventure. Our lives aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be, and maybe it would be a good thing if more of us started to accept this.