My Health Manifesto

After a period of several years during which I discovered that my lifestyle was not bringing me health or happiness, I have come to see living a life in harmony with nature as absolutely integral towards healing – and staying healthy.

Here’s what I mean by that. We stay healthy when:

  • We eat foods that are simple, natural, and whole rather than genetically modified industrial creations doused with manmade biocides and grown in dead soils.
  • We shelter and clothe ourselves with regard to the natural elements and climate.
  • We drink water and breathe air that is uncontaminated with manmade chemicals or heavy metals introduced by industrial activity.
  • We surround ourselves with the natural waves of the cosmos instead of synthetically altered waves.
  • We get regular exposure to sunlight, trees, and fresh air.
  • We spend our days in movement instead of just sitting.
  • We replace our screen time with face-to-face social interactions.
  • We acknowledge our evolutionary status and recognize our biological motivations in addition to our psychological ones.
  • We take only what we need from the earth and remember to give back.
  • We respect the other creatures of the earth as our companions.

These are some of the ways that connecting to nature keeps us well. We have so many opportunities to acknowledge and embrace nature in our lives. Living close to nature has helped me find myself. It might help you too.