Homesteading at the Healthy Homestead

Homesteading may bring up strong connotations of pioneers heading West and settling the land. But when you think about what “homesteading” means (growing your own food, making your own textiles, raising animals), humans have surely been homesteading since the beginning of agriculture.

Losing Our Traditional Wisdom

Ever since we humans settled into more fixed locations, we have been trying to take care of our basic needs with the help of seeds, domestic animals, and observations of the natural world. We went through trial and error, developing skills and wisdom for doing these activities over thousands of years. Industrialization gradually took those skills away from us and outsourced them to big corporations.

Getting Our Wisdom Back

Luckily, some of us have held on to this traditional wisdom the whole time. The fermenters, the knitters, the small farmers, the organic gardeners, the natural builders. Dedication to such endeavors proves the value of holding on to this information. And now we learn from each other. More and more people want to live the homesteading life. They make major life changes, like I did.

From Paris to the High Desert

I lived in Paris, France for 14 years. Along with the beautiful architecture and great food, I lived with asphyxiating pollution, constant noise, and never seeing a dark sky much less stars. Now I can see the milky way most nights, but if I want great food, I’d better be ready to make it myself. Sometimes I look at the trajectory of my life and realize that to outsiders it might seem quite strange, but I’m happy that I’ve ended up where I have, with space around me, and views of space above me. If I can inspire you to ferment, cook your own food, keep some goats, or build a natural home, well, I’ll be even happier.

Living with Animals

Financial Concerns

Location is Everything

Sustainability Issues