Natural Wisdom for Thriving on the Land and In the Home

Feel better where you live

Whether you are living the homesteading life or only dreaming of doing so, your home has a huge impact on how you feel. Clean air, a low-EMF environment, and harmonious light, color & arrangements will make you feel best. Learn more.


Make the outdoors part of your space

You have choices about how you interact with your outdoor space, whether it’s a tiny window balcony or a large tract of acreage. A good permaculture design and phase-by-phase plan will help bring the abundance of nature to your doorstep. Learn more.

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Get comfortable in your kitchen

Eating – it can be the simplest and yet most revolutionary thing we do every day. Being a more confident cook will allow you to make more nourishing food choices, save money and give you opportunities for creativity with the fruits of your labor! Learn more.


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The Healthy Homestead is dedicated to providing trusted guidance for you with health as the top priority!


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