Health at the Healthy Homestead

Ten years ago I started studying green building with the desire to help individuals make their homes greener. I quickly learned that health was often sacrificed (or at best, ignored) in green building practices. Through this journey I learned that environmental factors have a huge influence on our health and well-being.

Building Biology

My journey soon led me to Building Biology, where I discovered a vision of sustainable building that includes health as a top priority. As I learned about unhealthy environmental influences, I made major changes to my home and lifestyle.  I stopped using Wi-Fi, practically eliminated my smart phone use, got rid of off-gassing materials and clothing, and saw my health improve drastically.

Disappointment with Conventional Medicine

I hadn’t realized how many issues I had had: terrible sleep quality, night sweats, migraines… all of these symptoms and others disappeared for me as I made positive changes in my life. Yet I still struggled with gastrointestinal issues that my doctors couldn’t figure out. After three years of futile medical tests and medication, I started my own observations and realized that food sensitivities were making me sick.

Determination to Stay Healthy

Eliminating corn and wheat from my diet largely eliminated my gastrointestinal issues. And not one doctor that I consulted during those three years of daily gut spasms told me to look at my food choices. Conventional medicine has its place, but I think it often does more harm than good, particularly with chronic conditions. If we want to heal ourselves, we have to look at ourselves in the whole, using natural healing modalities.

Your Inner Child

We live in a toxic world, and our easiest food choices are rightly called junk. But just because this is the norm doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Back in the 80’s I remember the term “inner child” being thrown around a lot by the New Age crowd – it became a pop culture punch line. But I like to think of this literally. If you imagine standing next to the child version of yourself, how would you take care of him or her? I bet most of us would take better care of that kid than we take of our adult selves. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Fresh Air

Natural Healing

Food Sensitivities