I see my path to becoming a gardener as one that started with playing in the mud as a tot – I bet many of you have fond memories of doing that, too. That fascination with the soil, and the pleasure at being outside in the sunshine has never left me. My appreciation of the soil and its wonders deepens the more time I spend with it.

No Till Gardening

I believe that you can’t consistently grow a good garden unless your first concern is your soil. It’s that nature vs. nurture thing – like a child, your soil needs both in order to flourish. In order to grow good soil, we don’t till our garden. This allows beneficial microbes to flourish and create a stronger growing environment for our plants.

Permaculture Gardening

Permaculture is something I dabbled in for many years before finally dedicating myself to its study officially. I’m glad I did both – applying its principles to small degrees, and then learning how to create a full permaculture vision. Permaculture is a good answer to the question, “how do we feed an overpopulated world?” and offers many other solutions for a sustainable food system.

Gardening in the Arid West

In permaculture, taking your climate into account it essential. I garden in the Intermountain West, which is a high desert climate with hot summers and brutally cold winters. Our growing seasons are short, but the produce we are able to grow is some of the tastiest ever. I hope to encourage you to up your gardening game for health, sustainability and the sheer pleasure of it.

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