Food at the Healthy Homestead

At its best, eating provides us with delicious flavors, pleasing textures, and… nutrition!

Making just a little bit of effort to feed ourselves well can mean the difference between food as “fuel” and food as something that elevates life.

Eating for Food Sensitivities

For some of us though, food is more complicated than that. When you have food sensitivities or allergies, knowing what to eat can be a struggle.

After years of living with gluten and corn sensitivities, and being prone to develop new sensitivities easily, I have found some eating practices that have really helped, and I will share these here.

Making the Best Choices

My food strategy is based on healthfulness, accessibility and sustainability. I cook with organic foods as much as possible because they’re better for us, better for the soil, and better for the other animals we share the planet with.

Higher Standards

There are lots of other gluten-free cooking blogs out there.

Here’s how mine is different:

  • I try to use local products as much as possible.
  • I don’t use any weird gums and I don’t use commercial gluten-free flour mixes.
  • My husband and I try to grow or forage as much of our food as we can.
  • My blog is also not just about cooking! But cooking is one of the most  important facets of my life, and I welcome the opportunity to share it here.