Wonderfully Wild

Spending time in nature and observing nature has beneficial and therapeutic properties. We evolved to live surrounded by plants, animals and microbes; these other beings are part of our history as a species. if you are new to being in the wild, here are some of the benefits you might enjoy:

  • Spending time in nature exposes us to sunlight, which provides much-needed vitamin D, and provides us with fresh air.
  • Observing and learning about local animals helps us to understand our location. It also helps us take a break from focusing on our selves and helps put things in perspective.
  • Observing and learning about local plants helps us appreciate our surroundings better, be aware of our vegetative heritage and has healing effects – essential oils from conifers help fight disease!
  • Walking in a natural environment on a varied terrain provides a variety of movement for our body that is health promoting and may help prevent diseases.

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