Healthy Homes

The home is one of those places we tend to neglect when we think about our health and when we think about nature. Here are some of the ways a more natural home benefits our health:

  • A low-EMF environment has less risk for cancer, illness and anxiety.
  • Furniture and finishes made from natural materials and ingredients cause less offgassing in general and keep dangerous manmade toxins out of our dust.
  • Using natural daylighting to light our spaces as much as possible keeps our circadian rhythms healthy, resulting in better sleep.
  • Natural colors and patterns, and color chosen with use in mind are more relaxing.
  • When we understand nature’s rules (ie, high humidity encourages mold) we can keep things in their proper place (mold stays outside!).
  • Acknowledging the natural human tendency to trip and knock into things, we can prevent many bangs bruises and injuries.

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