Happy Gardens

Many of us in North America have the amazing bounty of our very own green spaces: our own yards. Yet many of us use this space to grow a very demanding and unproductive plant: grass. Instead, we could be growing plants that feed us, benefit our fellow creatures, and provide distinctive and unique outdoor spaces. Here’s how:

  • Native plants are low maintenance, have lower water requirements, and are adapted to our local climates
  • Perennial herbs and other edible plants can be incorporated for a permanent, low-maintenance food source.
  • Permaculture principles can be applied to, for instance, capture water in the ground and keep it away from where you don’t want it (ie, the foundation of your house).
  • Growing our own food provides a safe and healthy food source without the carbon footprint.
  • Within the same square feet, you can create an outdoor space that feels more varied and interesting, and you can grow much more when you grow native plants and edibles, compared to growing grass.
  • Creating outdoor “rooms” will provide you with places to view, contemplate and be in closer contact with nature.

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