Permaculture & Native Plants

Opportunities to Connect to Nature in your Garden

Your outdoor space, no matter how large or small, provides an opportunity to grow your own food, herbs, flowers, and medicinal plants. It is also an opportunity to create a wildlife habitat of your very own, one where the smallest creatures can find a welcoming abode. These opportunities can be therapeutic and health-boosting.

Permaculture is not Just for Farmers

No space is too small to apply permaculture principles, even tiny apartment balconies! Growing in polycultures, planting in guilds, using companion plants, inviting in beneficial organisms, stacking functions – these and most of the other lessons from Permaculture can be applied to even the smallest growing spaces.

Permaculture & Native Plant Evaluation

My evaluation will help you identify specific opportunities for creating such an outdoor space that makes use of permaculture principles and features both edible and native plants. Consideration will be given to use, soil quality, water flow, water availability, plant and animal species, climate, micro-climate, and many other factors.

Permaculture & Native Plant Design

This information may be useful to you as is, or I can go a step farther and create a permaculture design for you. This design will make sure you include all the elements in all the right places and provide a timeline for you to carry out projects. A good plan is an important tool for bringing your visions to life and can save you time, money and frustration.

The Benefits of Permaculture & Native Plants

The benefits of a permaculture and native plant garden include free food, herbs and medicinals, beneficial microbial exposure, water conservation, more birds, more beneficial insects, fewer pest problems, inviting outdoor spaces, increased property value, improved soil, and beautiful views!


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