Building Biology

Beneficial Nature Connections is the Goal

My aim is to help you remove environmental stressors and toxins from your home or workspace and to replace these with beneficial nature connections. I use observation, inspection and measurement to compare conditions in the space to the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines.

Standards for Natural Conditions

The Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines provide a standard as to what the natural conditions in the home should be. For these various conditions, such as Carbon Dioxide, Radiofrequency fields or Radon, there is a measurement considered to be the natural condition, and then a range of measurements considered to be slightly to extremely anomalous. In general, natural conditions are health-supporting. Anomalous conditions are frequently associated with environmental sensitivities and other illness.

Building Biology Evaluation & Testing

The evaluation will indicate if the home or workspace provides clean air quality, a low EMF environment, and a lack of risk from chemicals and other hazards and stressors. If problems are discovered, I will help you determine the best solutions adapted to your budget and priorities.

Building Biology Design & Plan

To ensure that your intentions for change come to fruition, I will create a visual design accompanied with a plan to help guide you in carrying out these improvements. The design and plan will take your goals, timeframe and budget into account.

Benefits of Re-establishing Natural Conditions

The benefits of changing your home or workspace to meet natural conditions include: better sleep, reduced risk of cancer and autoimmune disease, cleaner air, improved relationships, reduced anxiety, better sensory experiences, and more energy to focus on the things that are important to you.

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