The Craving For Homesteading

I started gardening when I was in high school, working at a local nursery. Thanks to this experience I discovered that I was smitten with herbs, moments of solitude among the plants, and doing active work.

At graduation, my path took me away from gardening and into the city – first NYC for my first college experience, and later Paris where I spent 14 years. During my time in France I relished trips to the countryside and was giddy at chances to pick fruit in abandoned fields. The craving for moments like this in my everyday life started to grow in me.

Eventually I moved back to the states where I met my husband, Chad, and got my first taste of living on a farm. My cravings for homesteading and love were fulfilled at the same time. Chad and I try to grow or forage as much of our own food as possible.

My daily choices for a healthy home and lifestyle are informed by my training in Building Biology, my garden plans and decisions draw on studies of Permaculture and Native Plants, and my cooking is gluten-free & organic & heavily infused with fermentation.

I know I’m not the only one who is dissatisfied with the nature-deprived life. This is my attempt to eke out something more satisfying, centered, and grounded – and I think you can do it too! Thanks for joining me here!

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