New Year’s Gratitude

Christmas is over, the New Year is suddenly here. Weeks ago, urges to declare the many ways I intend to improve myself started tugging at my brain. Writing some resolutions sounded like a good idea, until I started thinking about it. This end of the year ritual can sometimes feel like an obligation and other […]

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My healthy homestead

The Many Facets of Homesteading This blog is about my quest to create a healthy homestead for my husband and myself. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire and help others to do the same. I cover a lot of topics here because running a homestead is not about being a specialist, its about […]

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Live in Harmony

Life in harmony with nature brings health After a period of several years during which I discovered that my lifestyle was not bringing me health or happiness, I have come to see living a life in harmony with nature as the underlying path to healing. Here’s what I mean by that. When we eat foods […]

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Building Biology

Beneficial Nature Connections is the Goal My aim is to help you remove environmental stressors and toxins from your home or workspace and to replace these with beneficial nature connections. I use observation, inspection and measurement to compare conditions in the space to the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines. Standards for Natural Conditions The Building Biology […]

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