What we do At the Healthy Homestead, we garden in a permaculture style, cook & preserve healthy organic and gluten free meals, take care of our pets and farm animals, and try to take time for creativity and artistic expression. Living with Intention To cultivate the best possible lives, we believe it’s important to bring…

Remembering Nelly Bean

Losing my cat Nelly was painful, but not as painful as the suffering she dealt with. I’ll always be grateful for her feline companionship.

Make Your Own Milk Kefir

How to make your own milk kefir Knowing how to ferment foods is an excellent homesteading skill whether you’re living on a small farm, in a city apartment, or somewhere in between. Knowing how to ferment will empower you to make your own nutrient and probiotic-rich foods, help save you money, and is also just…

How to Make Fermented Sauerkraut

Make Your Own Homemade Sauerkraut Making homemade fermented sauerkraut used to scare me. Along with the fear of botulism, I was also confused and unsure how to proceed. I really wanted to try to make this delicious, pro-biotic-rich condiment, but was utterly lacking in confidence.

How to Keep Track of Your Plantings in a Permaculture Garden

Keeping Track Of What You Plant In Your Garden A few years ago I excitedly planted several varieties of snap beans and dry beans in the same section of the garden. At the time of planting, I marked the different varieties with wooden markers, so I didn’t think I’d have any problem knowing which was…

Improving Air Quality for Multi Pet Households

Are you one of those kind souls, too? One who has an undisclosed number of dogs or cats as co-residents of your home? If so then, like me, you probably catch yourself saying, “How can all that hair be on the floor? I just swept yesterday!” While the floor may be the thing that catches…

Gluten Free Sourdough Starter Recipe

Most of us have probably heard that fermented foods are healthy for us, increasing the biodiversity in our microbiomes. Fermentation is also an exciting way to see nature at work – seeing an inert mixture develop bubbles and start to smell heavenly is a fun science lesson and provides a tasty cooking ingredient.

What’s Your View?

When arranging your home or workspace, don’t forget to consider what your view is going to be. The ideal view will depend on what the space is used for. If you are setting up a home office or work station, you will want something that is pleasant but not distracting.

How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Last weekend I took a class on birds. It was a great crash course in ornithology and I was delighted to learn all sorts of interesting things about our feathery friends. The main purpose of the class though was to learn how to attract birds to our backyards with native plants. Because I love to share, here are…