EMF’s and Holistic Healing

How A Low-EMF Environment Can Improve Holistic Health Treatment I’m a fan of holistic and alternative healing methods. They have helped me find healing when conventional medicine has let me down, and I bet you could say the same. What would we do without chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, and naturopathy, not to mention many other alternative healing […]

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Health at the Healthy Homestead Ten years ago I started studying green building with the desire to help individuals make their homes greener. I quickly learned that health was often sacrificed (or at best, ignored) in green building practices. Through this journey I learned that environmental factors have a huge influence on our health and […]

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My healthy homestead

The Many Facets of Homesteading This blog is about my quest to create a healthy homestead for my husband and myself. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire and help others to do the same. I cover a lot of topics here because running a homestead is not about being a specialist, its about […]

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Live in Harmony

Life in harmony with nature brings health After a period of several years during which I discovered that my lifestyle was not bringing me health or happiness, I have come to see living a life in harmony with nature as the underlying path to healing. Here’s what I mean by that. When we eat foods […]

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The Affordable Organic Sofa

If you’re interested in creating a healthy, healing natural environment in your home, don’t overlook the sofa. Conventional sofas are made with petroleum-based foam and have added flame retardants. It may be somewhat easier to find a conventional sofa without adding flame retardants now (Ikea carries some), but a sofa made with only natural ingredients […]

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