Food at the Healthy Homestead At its best, eating provides us with delicious flavors, pleasing textures, and… nutrition! Making just a little bit of effort to feed ourselves well can mean the difference between food as “fuel” and food as something that elevates life. Eating for Food Sensitivities For some of us though, food is […]

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Why eat wild food?

Getting to Know Plants My first gardening experience came when I was a teenager. Back then “gardening” for me was an after school job at a small, family-owned garden center, lugging around a heavy, interminable garden hose to water, section by section, the herbs, the perennials, the shrubs, and the flats of annuals. Out alone […]

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Homesteading at the Healthy Homestead Homesteading may bring up strong connotations of pioneers heading West and settling the land. But when you think about what “homesteading” means (growing your own food, making your own textiles, raising animals), humans have surely been homesteading since the beginning of agriculture. Losing Our Traditional Wisdom Ever since we humans […]

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Health at the Healthy Homestead Ten years ago I started studying green building with the desire to help individuals make their homes greener. I quickly learned that health was often sacrificed (or at best, ignored) in green building practices. Through this journey I learned that environmental factors have a huge influence on our health and […]

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Gardening at the Healthy Homestead I see my path to becoming a gardener as one that started with playing in the mud as a tot – I bet many of you have fond memories of doing that, too. That fascination with the soil, and the pleasure at being outside in the sunshine has never left […]

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My healthy homestead

The Many Facets of Homesteading This blog is about my quest to create a healthy homestead for my husband and myself. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire and help others to do the same. I cover a lot of topics here because running a homestead is not about being a specialist, its about […]

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Live in Harmony

Life in harmony with nature brings health After a period of several years during which I discovered that my lifestyle was not bringing me health or happiness, I have come to see living a life in harmony with nature as the underlying path to healing. Here’s what I mean by that. When we eat foods […]

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Make your own Milk Kefir

How to make your own milk kefir Knowing how to ferment foods is an excellent homesteading skill whether you’re living on a small farm, in a city apartment, or somewhere in between. Knowing how to ferment will empower you to make your own nutrient and probiotic-rich foods, help save you money, and is also just […]

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Harvesting Apricots

Harvesting apricots in July in Utah We have one mature apricot tree on our property. Mostly every year it blooms a bit early, then a frost comes along and kills all the blossoms off, knocking them to the ground, meaning that there will be no apricots for us. When we noticed the tree covered in […]

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Home Page

Nature Guided Homesteading Homesteading used to be about settling the land.  I don’t believe that the land can ever be truly “settled,” there will always be wild nature at work in it, and that is a good thing. However, homesteading can help us settle ourselves. Living close to the land, raising our own food – […]

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Environmental home assessments and guidance I am a Building Biology Environmental Consultant with several years of experience in the field. I can test your home, workplace or garden for EMF’s, assess your air quality and inspect for other potential toxins and hazards. I can also provide you with a visual guide to creating impactful changes […]

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Natural Wisdom for Thriving on the Land and In the Home Feel better where you live Whether you are living the homesteading life or only dreaming of doing so, your home has a huge impact on how you feel. Clean air, a low-EMF environment, and harmonious light, color & arrangements will make you feel best. […]

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I will update this space when new events are on the schedule! Please check back!   PREVIOUS EVENTS APRIL 2018 Fermenting With Starts: Milk Kefir, Kombucha & Sourdough Learn how to use starts to make your own fermented milk kefir, kombucha, and sourdough bread. Participants will learn the techniques for using and caring for each […]

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Permaculture & Native Plants

Opportunities to Connect to Nature in your Garden Your outdoor space, no matter how large or small, provides an opportunity to grow your own food, herbs, flowers, and medicinal plants. It is also an opportunity to create a wildlife habitat of your very own, one where the smallest creatures can find a welcoming abode. These […]

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What is Building Biology (Baubiologie)? Building Biology (aka, Baubiologie) is a type of building science which scrutinizes the built environment (home or workplace) for hazards, stressors, and toxins. A building biologist makes an evaluation to determine if the space has any possible health risks or irritants and offers guidance on remedies. These conditions can be […]

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The Craving For Homesteading I started gardening when I was in high school, working at a local nursery. Thanks to this experience I discovered that I was smitten with herbs, moments of solitude among the plants, and doing active work. At graduation, my path took me away from gardening and into the city – first […]

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  Good Food   Climate Consciousness   Healthy Home, Healthy Lifestyle   Living with other Animals   The Green Dream   Money Honey   Location, location, location   The Ooommmstead   Happy Gardens   Nature Connections

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Gardening in the desert

Contrary to what you might think, people can and do garden in the desert. However there are certain obstacles to overcome that those of you in more clement areas won’t have to worry much about. For one thing, we only get about 7 inches of rain a year here. Yes, a YEAR. Back in NC […]

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I’m a little obsessed with permaculture. But let me back up a bit. A few years ago I learned about myers-briggs personality types. I learned that I am an INFJ, which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. One of the characteristics of this personality type, according to the good people at 16 Personalities, is believing […]

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My native plants

One of my priorities for my home was creating sustainable landscaping. I’ve added as many native plants as possible to meet the needs of the Central Piedmont climate and to provide resources for native wildlife.

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