One Way I Fight Stress? No Wi-fi.

I’m one of those people who gets stressed out easily, as much as I hate to admit it. I practice yoga, try to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and have positive relationships, yet I still do not do well with stress. I am a sensitive person and seem to be more prone to the ill effects of it than the average person. So I try not to let stress snowball on me. One way I do this is by avoiding Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi everywhere and not a drop of peace

If you are like the average person in the developed world today, you are probably exposed to Wi-Fi pretty much 24/7. You probably have Wi-Fi on in your home around the clock, use the Wi-Fi at your favorite coffee shop, and walk through waves of free Wi-Fi where you shop.

I live in a rural location where, for now, it is much easier to avoid. We keep the Wi-Fi on our router permanently turned off, and I tend to avoid spending a lot of time in places that have it permanently turned on – which is just about everywhere now.

It’s not just me

After living in a Wi-Fi-free household for several years, my perception of it has heightened, and I notice vague feelings of distress when in a Wi-Fi heavy area. The greatest effect I notice from Wi-Fi is my inability to sleep when it’s on and in use.

Many of my clients contact me for help with EMF’s. These folks tend to feel the negative effects of Wi-Fi acutely. When in its presence they experience many unpleasant sensations, including stress and anxiety. But since this is only anecdotal evidence and personal experience, I started to wonder.

Are there scientific studies that show a connection between Wi-Fi and stress?

Being familiar with a great amount of anecdotal evidence from other Building Biologists as well, I was curious to see if any researchers had looked specifically at Wi-Fi and stress or anxiety. A quick search on PubMed brought up at least three different studies in which the researchers studied exposures to Wi-Fi frequencies on rats.  All three studies found that exposure to Wi-Fi caused neurological changes in rats leading to anxiety or stress.

I’m not a rat so why do I care?

According to an article on LiveScience, rats are used for research because “their genetic, biological and behavior characteristics closely resemble those of humans, and many symptoms of human conditions can be replicated in mice and rats.” Rats and mice are used to test a huge range of issues, so why not EMF’s too?

Those of us who choose to live without Wi-Fi are more aware of it when we go out into the world. So I wonder about those who live with it constantly. By gradually allowing Wi-Fi and other EMF’s to creep into their lives more and more, I suspect that they have also let in a large dose of daily stress. Stress which is entirely unnecessary and largely avoidable.

How do you get by without Wi-Fi?

It is actually very easy to get by without a wireless internet connection.  When I visit clients’ homes, I help them identify all sources of EMF’s in their homes and recommend alternative solutions. As far as replacing Wi-Fi goes, this will mean a change in habits – specifically using the internet on a wired, ethernet connection on a computer instead of on a cell phone, tablet, or wireless computer connection. This may seem inconvenient at first but the added bonus is that you will probably spend less time in the rabbit hole of connectivity.


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