A Miserable Hike that Makes You Feel A Lot Better

Fellow hikers, does this sound familiar? I have certainly been there.

Usually I love hiking. Being outdoors, observing the plants and animals, pondering the geology and topography – these things just make me happy.

But occasionally I find myself on a hike that I’m not really enjoying in the moment. Maybe the weather is miserable – too cold and rainy or too damned hot. Or maybe it’s just me, whatever is going on in my body or life that prevents me from appreciating the moment.

Consistently, though, I still feel better afterwards. It turns out this isn’t a fluke. In The Nature Fix, Florence Williams says that the research shows that even when we don’t enjoy ourselves in nature, it is still good for us.

So go ahead, go outdoors and have a miserable time, you’ll feel better later!

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