Let In Some Fresh Air

Open your windows to let in fresh air and you will get a brain and body boost. This is the easiest thing you can do to immediately improve your indoor air quality and you will notice the effects. This is so convincing, in fact, that even my father (who is a hard sell on some of my other healthy home advice) now tells people to open their windows.

My building biology training taught me this. We spend much of our time, indoors, exhaling Carbon Dioxide, but unless we open up doors or windows, we aren’t letting in a new supply of oxygen. When you add more people to the space, the effect is worsened. The easy solution is to keep your windows open when the outside temperature permits, and to open them a couple of times a day when it doesn’t.

Recently, my autodidact microbial schooling taught me something new about opening windows. When we open windows and let in fresh air, we are also letting in fresh microbial content. Some researchers are realizing this is a good idea in oversterilized hospitals where pathogenic bacteria have an easier time getting a foothold (or should that be a bacteriahold?). It is a good idea at home too!

So if winter has you in a slump, don’t forget, a 5-10 minute session of opened windows will rejuvenate your space in more ways than one. Happy breathing!

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