Alternative Christmas Traditions

Even those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas for religious reasons might still choose to enjoy the festivities of the season. At this time of year I enjoy taking some time to read about the pagan roots that lie behind our Christmas traditions. Since these roots came from rituals honoring Nature, it seems like a fitting thing to mention here.

Celebrating the winter solstice is one way to return to those roots. My husband and I enjoy doing something special on the solstice every year. We have hiked to watch the sun set, made homemade gluten-free pasta together (a labor of love), and last year he introduced me to Paul Winter’s Annual Solstice Celebration.

Rather than resort to cynicism about the commercialism of the holiday season, it’s nice to adopt one’s own traditions, celebrating family, love, generosity, and renewal in ways that fit better with our values of nature conservation. Here’s to investing oneself into some authentic holiday cheer!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jens says:

    That’s a beautiful idea.
    Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth!


    1. Merry Christmas Jens! Peace on Earth, yes, yes!!!


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