Cultivate Patience

One of the lessons of Permaculture is to first of all, observe. In other words, be patient and survey the scene before you take action.

This is something I personally struggle with since I get very excited and enthusiastic about new ideas. While I do like observing, sometimes the patience part just gets away from me. But when we see the consequences of impatience, we are reminded this is clearly an important lesson.

This means we don’t buy a 10 acre lot and immediately start building and planting on it. First we need to get to know the land. If we build first and observe later, we might get a nasty surprise when our building floods or our orchard is devoured by deer.

Cultivating patience is a good lesson whether it comes to planning a farm, buying a home, choosing paint colors, or beginning a yoga practice. Think about cultivating patience when you make decisions about your home, your garden, or other aspects of your life.

© 2019 – Kristina Hicks-Hamblin – The Healthy Homestead

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