EMF’s and Holistic Healing

How A Low-EMF Environment Can Improve Holistic Health Treatment

I’m a fan of holistic and alternative healing methods. They have helped me find healing when conventional medicine has let me down, and I bet you could say the same. What would we do without chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, and naturopathy, not to mention many other alternative healing methods? We’ve experienced real relief provided by these practices and sometimes, disillusionment with the elusive promises of prescription medicine.

Practitioners of holistic health care are focused on the mind, body and spirit connection. However in my experience there is usually something missing and that is the electromagnetic sphere.

Just as natural essential oils provide a healing alternative to VOC-filled artificial fragrance, quieting EMF’s to allow the patient contact with the natural frequencies of the mind, body, spirit, earth and cosmos is a powerful healing mechanism.

Unlike these natural frequencies, data-loaded Wi-Fi and cell phone waves cause anxiety and stress in many individuals. Exposure to these combined with habit-forming technology are causing social isolation and widespread insomnia, as well as rising cancer rates.

Practitioners offering alternative and holistic treatments should remember the electromagnetic sphere and provide beneficial electromagnetic conditions, that is to say, a low-EMF environment.

How to create a low-EMF healing environment

  1. If internet is required at your location, opt for a computer with an ethernet (wired) internet connection. Keep Wi-Fi turned off or disabled, if not permanently, as much as possible.
  2. Have a landline installed instead of relying on your cell phone. If that’s not an option, keep your cell phone in airplane mode while with patients.
  3. Ask clients to turn off their cell phones during treatment. Resistance to this request is probably a big sign that a cell phone break is needed!
  4. Avoid using electrical equipment on patients while it is plugged in (electric heating pads, etc).  Keep electrical equipment to a minimum in the treatment area.
  5. Avoid fluorescent lights, including CFL’s. Incandescents provide the most natural lightbulb. Even LED’s can cause problems for sensitive individuals. Natural daylight is the best option for health and environmental efficiency, so rethink your decor to harness the healing power of natural daylight.
  6. Have an EMF inspection to uncover other harmful sources of electromagnetic radiation that may prevent healing. Such culprits may include cell phone towers, smart meters, high tension lines, and faulty wiring.

A low-EMF environment will help remove some of the obstacles to healing, allowing the natural frequencies or mind, body, spirit, earth and cosmos to flow uninterrupted.