Permaculture A Designer’s Manual

bookAll you permies out there have surely at least heard of Bill Mollison’s monumental tome, Permaculture A Designer’s Manual. I have been eyeing it for years but always ended up buying other permaculture books instead. Two thinks put me off about buying this book, its price (upwards of $100) and its monumentalness. Maybe I just wasn’t ready. But now, since I have decided to go for it and start a permaculture design course, I figured it was time.

Well, I am amazed at this book. It is incredibly well written and covers so much more than I could have ever imagined. I think this is going to be essential to helping me figure out some essential issues (figuring out everything that has to do with slope, for instance). There are so many examples in this book, I don’t know how it wouldn’t be useful, even if you only use it for the pictures and don’t read it. But read it you will want to, my friend. I thought it might serve more as a reference for me but I find myself reading it and can hardly put it down.

I got mine for a decent price at Powell’s. Happy reading!

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