My Native Plants

One of my priorities for my home was creating sustainable landscaping. I’ve added as many native plants as possible to meet the needs of the Central Piedmont climate and to provide resources for native wildlife. This is what things are looking like now – at the beginning of July after several weeks of drought followed by just a couple of good rains. Not too shabby!

Some of these got a start three years ago, many were planted this spring – with the exception of the black walnut, which has been around for quite some time. I selected many of these for their edible and medicinal qualities as well – an added bonus! There is a range of flowering times, providing food for pollinators throughout the spring, summer and fall, so not all of them are looking particularly showy at the moment. However, I will update with photos of flowering when the time comes as some of these have unique flowers that aren’t very common in the urban or suburban landscape!